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The Great Pathadians...

History of Pathady Brothers

"Always like-minded persons join together where ever they go."
That was a monday, sept 14'th of 1992. Someway or other, the five Mec'ians decided to search for a house. After long search, they finally got a house. This house was at pathadi(Cochin). This is a very nice place. From the house , you can see paddy fields. Nights it was usual we go out for fishing. There started the life of Pathadian's.These MEC'ians are  Lineesh, Varghese John(Varkey),Shajeevan,Sunil Ravindran and Sajesh.
 As the time passed, two of our great inmates went to Regional Engineering College, Calicut.. These half mec'ians are doing well now. Then come the great Mec'ians who made the pathadi family bigger .They are Sunil Aravindan(Annachi), Jose Mayjo, Faisal, Maniraj, Binumon and Mathews.Infact prakash also joined us as a daytime pathadian. Our life flourished like that.
  Later due to outside pressures, we formed a great family, "The Pathadi Brothers". That was the beginning of a new era. In the college this group became fameous as pathadi group.The family members are Binumon, Faisal,Lineesh, Maniraj, Mathews, Mayjo, Prakash,Sunil and Varkey. Even if this brothers were only nine in number, we had a very strong support in our day to day activities. Our magic number was 14. Whenever we go for a vote,it was sure that we get 14.
  Years passed, now we are in different continents,but pathadi brothers are pathadi brothers.We have a rigid constitution.

We believe in freedom,love and loyalty.

Our Constitution

1. Under our constitution, New members are not allowed.See clause 2 also.
2. Normally we reject new membership applications, but if some unavoidable   
    recommendations come, our general body has the power to expand the family..If the    
    general body feels he/she ( new aspirant) will be loyal to Pathadi brothers and decides
    the new aspirant should be given the membership in a three fourth majority, the new  
    aspirant will be made a honorary member of pathadi family.
    The aspirant should be an Mec'ian.This honorary members won't have any          
    administrative or decisive power in the family. The application should have atleast two
    strong recommendations from the existing pathadi brothers. And if any existing
    brother has a strong objection over an application , it will be rejected.
3) Ladies are not allowed in this family.Sorry for the inconvenience.See Note 1.
4) Thinking of the future, the family member's spouses and their children will automatically
     become members of this group.
     As in the case of honorary members these new additions will also won't have any
     administrative or decisive power in the family.
5) Members will have a flat designation.
6)In the annual meetings, no visitors are allowed.

Note 1: Our members always have weakness towards ladies.

   We are thinking of tie-ups with reputed alumnis and similar organisations in india and abroad. Please contact Annachi for the same.

Jai Pathadian's

Permanent Members

 Sunil Arvindan, Massachusetts, USA
 Varghese John, Maryland, USA
 Mathews Matson, Wisconsin, USA
 Jose Mayjo Tony, Virgina, USA
 Lineesh Tamaran, California, USA
 Binumon T.S, Arizona, USA
 Maniraj A.P, Bangalore, India
 Faisal P.A, California, USA

Honorary Members

 Prakash D, Massachusetts, USA
 Ranjith V.G, New Jersey, USA