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I love to travel..  I want to see the whole world.
I started reading books when I was very young. I like, Novels, poetry, travelogues etc. It will be a really tough question, if you are going to ask me, which book I like most... But am sure that "Arabian nights" and "Round the world in 80 days" will be there in the list of my favourite books.
I like photogrpahy. You can see some of the photographs I took with my Canon EOS ELAN II SLR camera , in my photo album.
I love to cook. I prefer white meat and sea food in the Non Veg. category. Prawn fry is my favourite.
I love to see a nice garden in front of my house..
Driving is nice in U.S. Love to listen Mukesh, Rafi, A.R Rahman or ABBA songs and drive my Passat. The longest drive I made was from Portland to Sunnyvale. I drove 520+ miles from in 7 hours..In year 2000, I got the "Fastestet Driver in Arizona State" which I didn't want to get::-( I had to pay $145 to the Police to get the certificate and still I have to pay a very high insurance premium, as a result of this certificate:(
Love music. I like Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam songs. Used to listen english songs, if they are really worth listening.
I like shopping. Love to buy something for those people I like and those who care for me.
I also like swimming, horse riding, skiing, bowling, playing pool, shuttle badminton, cricket etc.