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About Me
My Family : I am the only son of my parents. My father is working in a Panchayath and my mother is a house wife. My younger sister, Femina is with her husband Nazar and their small kid Salman.
  I hail from Kodungallur, and I am proud to say that it is the cultural capital of Kerala, I can even say that it is the cultural capital of India!! India's first Muslim mosque and Christian churches are located in Kodungallur. The Jewish Synagogs here also are very old. Also the temple here is very famous for the "Bharani" festival and attracts lot of crowd from South India..100s of years back,Kodungallur was well known in the east and west by the name "Musiris".

My Height : 5 ft. 8"
My weight : 61 Kgs(136 lbs)
I like : Good friends, Tasty food
I hate : Friends, those who don't give importance to the relationship
I love : My Sister,my parents and ???
My Hobbies : It is a big list