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My Friends
         "Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave,
                               and impossible to forget."
                                                                  -G. Randolf

She is not just a friend for me. My love, my life and everything for me.. She is

Meet this Humble man. He is notorious for his memory power(So he always makes use of his Casio Organizer!!). We were Classmates and now he is working in Mindtree, Bangalore. Vinod Sarma N

Meet this Cute and Dynamic Young Girl. She is the one with whom I create silly problems quite often. She was my class mate and I know her since September 14, 1992. She is in Chicago now, with her husband Tom and their kid Agnil. Dolly Thomas

Lineesh & Santhi: My class mates and friends since college. Both are in Sunnyvale, California.


CE92ians: My class mates

Siby Mohammed:-He is my childhood friend and we still continue the friendship. He is in Kerala now.

My Room Mates

Pradeep Thomas: - He is working at Hewlett Packard, Cupertino